FAQ for Custom Whisky Stones

HOW IT WORKS: Custom Whisky Stones FAQ

Ready to etch your brand in stone?
Here’s everything you need to know about the process, artwork requirements and terms and conditions of sale.


We offer you the opportunity to see your artwork on the product before you place your order. Once we receive your request, we’ll reach out to you to discuss your design and provide a visual. If you haven’t already, tell us how many custom Whisky Stones you’d like HERE.


Once you have submitted your request, here's what to expect:

Immediately After Placing Your Order

1 - 2 Business Days After Order We will contact you to confirm the artwork that you have submitted is suitable for production. If we feel that changes are necessary, we will alert you at this time. Note that your order timeline starts only after we have contacted you with artwork confirmation.

15 - 20 Business Days After Order We send you an email confirming that your order is ready to ship to the address you have provided.


  • A Standard Order is for one of our stock stone/bag configurations with ONE logo per stone and a ONE COLOR logo print on the bag. 
  • For Non-Standard orders, additional charges will apply as described in greater detail below.

The following fees apply to all orders and will be assessed at order confirmation and charged separately with your permission:

Artwork Setup – $50 – our graphic designers make your artwork production-ready for our partners
Printer Run Charge – $50 – our printers prepare to run ONE pantone matched color logo on your bag
Engraving Setup – $99 – our engravers prepare to run ONE logo per stone for your order


  • For Standard Orders, we offer volume-related pricing.  These are fixed and non-negotiable.
  • For Non-Standard Orders or Large Volume Orders, we suggest contacting us directly to discuss your needs.


  • Additional Color Printer Charge – $50 – for the second and each subsequent bag logo color
  • Additional Engraving Charge – $99 – for the second and each additional stone logo artwork


  • For orders where the customer confirms their intention to have more than one logo per stone, additional unit charges will be quoted for approval during the artwork confirmation phase listed above.  Note, these charges can be significant. 
  • For orders where the customer confirms their intention to have more than one color or logo location per bag, additional unit charges will be quoted for approval during the artwork confirmation phase listed above.  Note, these charges can be significant. 


  • Having invented Whisky Stones beverage cubes and having by now completed thousands of custom order setups and many more individual orders over the past 5 years, we advise against non-standard orders
  • While we do get asked to run them every once in a while, we invariably hear things afterwards like this (taken from actual customer quotes):
    “More than one logo on the stones was just confusing to people…”
    “All those colors and logos on the bag somehow took away from the simplicity of the item…”
  • Finally, the cost quickly gets out of hand for Non-Standard orders.  Hey, we like making money just as much as we like engraving stones and printing bags for you, but even we get a bit embarrassed about how much we have to charge for more than one logo per stone or more than one color per bag
  • This is free advice, so feel free to ignore it if you like.  Our conscience is clear :)


  • The PNG artwork you upload for your preview is not suitable for full production
  • As detailed under Step 5 of the Customize process above, you will be able to upload your vector artwork when you place your order
  • Vector artwork must be in.ai or .eps format only
  • Safe print area for the stones is 5/8” sq. (16mm)
  • Safe print area for the bags is 2”W x 2½”H  (50mm x 63mm)


  • Stones are 7/8” cubed (22mm)
  • Stones are natural soapstone manufactured in India and polished with a food-safe varnish
  • Engraving is done in CT, USA


  • Bags are 3½”W x 5”H (9cm x 13cm)
  • Bags are cotton muslin manufactured in China
  • Screen printing is done in CT, USA


  • It’s a custom product bearing your logo, or that of your customer or client.  We cannot accept returns for any reason whatsoever because we cannot resell those products to anyone else.  In fact it would probably land us in the clink.  All sales are absolutely final once placed
  • If you receive the wrong order (highly unlikely), we will make things right
  • If your event date changes, your client explodes, your loading dock elopes with the delivery truck, or some other awful turn of bad luck nullifies all your hard work and planning, your confirmed order is still your responsibility.  We know, life is not always fun.  But in this case, we are simply trying to make sure things stay fair.  We have every faith you understand.  Thank you.