Bottleneck Mini™ - Let's Chill
Bottleneck Mini™ - Let's Chill
Bottleneck Mini™ - Let's Chill
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Bottleneck Mini™ - Let's Chill

1 Wine Twirl® Wine Chiller | 1 3/4" Round

Turn any bottle into a gift! An innovative combination of hostess gift + greeting card message + bottle-hanger box.

Each bottleneck mini includes a cheeky note on the back of the package.

"It hovers above the bottom of your glass, chilling all the while. But no dilution!"

HOW TO ENJOY... CHILL - Chill Wine Twirls in the freezer 3 hours ahead of use. POP - Pop open a bottle of your favorite chilled wine & drop a Twirl into your glass. TWIRL & SWIRL - Swirl & enjoy your chilled wine through the last sip! Hand wash prior to first use and thereafter following each use and freeze.

Designer: Anna & Andrew Hellman (USA)
Material: BPA free surgical resin and FDA approved food safe filler
Origin: USA
Product Care: Rinse with water and air dry.
Each Mini Package is 2 3/4 ” W x 2 7/8 ” H 1 1/8 ” D