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Whisky or Whiskey?

How you spell whisky can be as controversial as adding crushed ice to your favorite dram. As one friend recently cried across the bar to another, “Ay! What’s with all the ice, mate?! It’s not a margarita!” Needless to say, “Why do you spell whisky without an e?” comes up fairly frequently here at Whisky Stones HQ.

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Signature Cocktails ~ Pear Margarita

It's always fun to serve a signature cocktail and to mix things up and try something unexpected. To us, pear is a wonderful flavor and it "pairs" really well with tequila and cilantro. Throw in some bright linens & it transforms into a festive alternative signature cocktail.

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Whiskey Cocktails ~ Brookline Sour

Almost a year ago we took a Whisky cocktail class at their Norwalk location and learned a few new tricks for mixing whiskies & bourbons. A star from the evening was their Brookline Sour - that you can still find on the menu. This one is mad...
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Whisky Cocktail ~ Manhattan Transfer

We bring you the Manhattan Transfer to sip. It's nice and chill, a cool reminder to take a break before the chaos of the next deadline. It's the Teroforma twist on the classic Manhattan.
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