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Interview with the Inventor of Whisky Stones, Andrew Hellman

Maybe it's a bit of a cliche, but Whisky Stones actually came about by accident.  I was just in the right frame of mind to see a connection between a concept I had learned about when I was young and the need for a way to chill whiskey gently without diluting. The rest was just a matter of hard work.      
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How Whisky Stones Work

Whisky Stones act like ice in that they chill your drink, but the similarities stop there.  Instead of chilling rapidly and melting over time, Whisky Stones provide a gentler, non-diluting alternative to ice that works ideally for whiskey or any cask aged spirit.
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Made In Vermont, USA (10 Years On)

What separates a good idea from a good product? Well, for starters, you need to find a partner with the know-how to complement your creativity and a sense of determination to match your own.  Good thing we found Glenn at Vermont Soapstone.  He's been with us since Day 1.
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Everyone wants to know, is it Whisky or Whiskey?

The correct way to refer to the infamous spirit of the British Isles is not always as clear as the contents of your favorite bottle.  Rest assured, the spelling of both whisky and whiskey are correct. The distinction depends ...
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MEDIA + Custom Whisky Stones

The BBC holds a special place in our heart, because who doesn't love a British accent? Would you be surprised to know that their custom Whisky Stones design was very straightforward and classical our Read more

PRO SPORTS + Custom Whisky Stones

While our office skews more towards soccer than football, we all love to celebrate and watch games with friends. It's been thrilling to work on projects for the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Pistons, and the Florida Gators!<...
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FINANCE + Custom Whisky Stones

Love makes the world go round. So does a whole bunch of money! One of my all time favorite custom projects was for JP Morgan.  Nothing beats a clean, simple, confident logo system - just waiting to be etched in stone! We've worked with some othe...
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GAMING + Custom Whisky Stones

110-million devoted fans can't be wrong, right? War Gaming is one of the top free-to-play games in the world. (And we got to carve their icons into stone!) 
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SPIRITS + Custom Whisky Stones

One of the benefits of creating Whisky Stones is the opportunity to try loads of different spirits. We've created custom whisky stones for a few of our favorite...
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